Monday, April 28, 2014

[loveit] Our little man just turned to 1!

Last weekend was a exhausted but fabulous weekend. We (me & hubby) didn't even feel excited that much in our wedding. Maybe because that was the first time we prepared the party ourselves for our little man. Oh yeah, the first time ever we handled a party with many people and kids (we did cross the fingers)
Let me introduce to you all our little man who just turned 1 today

That was our pleasure to have this little man in our home. He made us feel happier at the time he started his new life in this world. A little man in big world with a lot of love. He is just amazing the way he is. 

It does not feel like a year just passed by. It's just like yesterday. The feeling and everything. We are just so lucky to have you, our little man. We love you so much. 

I forgot to announce our party theme. We thought our little man as cute as minion (or even cuter) and he is such an amazing human I see in my life. So, we decided minions with yellow and blue for the party.

The party started with a lot of crafting. I looked around in pinterest for the party idea. We started from friday afternoon and finished decorating at 1 am on Sunday. We both took turn to keep company our little man and do the stuff like cleaning and decorating. I think we both did a great job (yeah, keep it up, honey) 

I started with the letter banner

Almost done with it
My hubby did the minion cups. Love it
This is how it looks like together 
I made the cupcake wrappers without template
How Minions look like in our dessert table 

We have learned a lot from the first time preparing for a party like this. Next time, we think we need to focus more on the kids and take more pictures of them. 

And finally, smashing cake picture of the birthday boy. You can tell how much he loves it!

Huong Tran

P.s: Thank you all for the birthday wishes gifts. You know he loves you all!

Friday, April 18, 2014

About Me

Something unique about ME
- My name is Huong Tran (A Vietnamese name)
- I was born and raised in small beautiful town in Vietnam. After high school, I started my college life studying in Mt. Carmel, IL. Then I moved to Houston, Texas where I met and married the man of my dream. He is super supportive for anything that I love to do. Last year, I first time became a mommy of a little boy named "Tun".
-My parents have 5 daughters and I am the oldest.
- Inspiration: My man, my little man, and my little sisters are my inspiration for all the things that I am doing and love to do.
- Love: baking, cooking, sewing, making beauty products, and DIYs projects.
- Special hobbies: dancing in the rain, having fun with family, and collecting tiny little cuties

Something unique about my blog
- 4 main topic:
+ loveit : talk about life, love, family.
+ makeit : some DIYs project, some cooking&baking, some crafting.
+ knowit : FYI
+ sellit : this will be announced when available.