Monday, October 27, 2014

[makeit] DIY - Carve and preserve Pumpkin - First DIY Video

Have you get ready for Halloween yet?
I bet you have!
It's about 3 more days until the scary yet fun day. I just finish filming and editing the video about how to carve and preserve the pumpkin. This is my first time doing the DIY video. There is still have a lot of thing I need to learn, but I what I got is too much of the goodness.
Talk about this halloween. This is the first time I prepared for the Halloween. I think it's all about our little boy. We want him to have a lot of fun on his Halloween. Last year, he was a baby and slept early, so we didn't have chance to go to the trick-or-treat. We promised we would have a fantastic time this year instead. I have made Halloween costume for him, carve the pumpkin, and take him to the festivals. We really enjoy together.
Say no more. This is the video. Please show some support by subscribing and liking the video then I have motivation for more DIY video.

This is the sneak peak for next post about fun time with family!

Thank you for your support and Happy Halloween!
Huong Tran

Monday, October 20, 2014

[loveit] Jujube picking - Fun time with family

          I have told you a while ago that we have come and picked some jujube. We did have a lot of fun since the weather was nice and still have some jujube left for us to pick (that time was the end of jujube season).

         My experience is picking those that have some brown (not all brown) which are really sweet and big enough (Those ones in the picture just look too beautiful but not that delicious. hih)
        While my husband picked jujube in the tree, some would dropped on the ground. Of course, our little boy loved to pick it up from there. hah.
Yet the little boy still loved to try on how to pick the jujube from the tree (with daddy's help)
 You can tell how excited he was 
 With little auntie. Love.
 After picking up the fruit, we have explored this little area and had some more fun. 

We love being together. 
Hope you enjoy and happy reading!
Huong Tran

P.s: As I promised in last post, I will post my finished drawstring backpacks. Here they are.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

[loveit] still blooming

Autumn is here
Finally here
Weeks before last week was just a fail alarm of you, Ms. Autumn.
I'm glad you came and chilling out with us.
Because of you, there is still flower blooming somewhere. I can see blooming in my little garden or even in a sidewalk. That is just so cool (at least in my mind)
I can't keep myself from taking picture of those blooming flowers. Those pictures keep reminding me to Thank God for the wonder he has created.
So, let the showcase of those blooming flower begins.

Blooming rose in my little garden (taken in a rainy and windy day)
A surprise gift from God (grown in sidewalk of the library)
Hope you enjoy it and happy blooming day!
Huong Tran

P.s: I just finished my sewing project for my little sisters. I will post it on next week blog. Thank you!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

[makeit] DIY- Drawstring Backpack

I have many projects need to be done soon (some before winter, some before beginning of next month) All of those projects are the gift that I always think about for my beloved ones. I hope they will love it as I do put all my love into it.
This drawstring backpack is a very simple one. The only thing I need is time to finish it. I have made two of them and still have three to go. This backpack is a very simple but nice and neat for your little love to carry along.
Thank purl bee  for the very detail post on how to make it. Thank Hancock for the beautiful fabric. Thank my little sister for being my model.
And this is my own backpack.

This version is a Large Size for Adult 

Hope you like it and have time to make it!
Happy Sewing!
Huong Tran