Sunday, October 12, 2014

[loveit] still blooming

Autumn is here
Finally here
Weeks before last week was just a fail alarm of you, Ms. Autumn.
I'm glad you came and chilling out with us.
Because of you, there is still flower blooming somewhere. I can see blooming in my little garden or even in a sidewalk. That is just so cool (at least in my mind)
I can't keep myself from taking picture of those blooming flowers. Those pictures keep reminding me to Thank God for the wonder he has created.
So, let the showcase of those blooming flower begins.

Blooming rose in my little garden (taken in a rainy and windy day)
A surprise gift from God (grown in sidewalk of the library)
Hope you enjoy it and happy blooming day!
Huong Tran

P.s: I just finished my sewing project for my little sisters. I will post it on next week blog. Thank you!

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