Wednesday, December 31, 2014

[loveit] New year resolution - New year, new me

        I hope posting my new year resolution will be a great way to say goodbye my dear 2014 and welcoming my new 2015 (it could be the motivation too). Thanks for being very nice to me, 2014. 

        In 2014, I came back to visit Vietnam with our new family addition, our little boy. On this year, I also had a big happy news when my little sister studies abroad and lives with me and my little family. On the other hand, although I haven't started on my career yet, I started this blog. I had a lot of fun and excited writing this blog and working on many handmade projects. 

        On 2015, I see a lot of handmade things going on. There will be more DIY projects on blog. Besides, I'm on the way to finish setting up to my online handmade shop. It will open soon at the beginning of the new year. So, I hope to receive a lot of support from you. 

Finally, I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Huong Tran

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

[loveit] A very merry Christmas

          It has been too long that I haven't posted anything in this blog since the week before thanksgiving. Wow, it's more than a month. Time passed by so fast, but Thanks God I and my family had a good time being together. As you know it is the busiest time of the year with making lists, shopping and making gift, preparing for big feasts, and enjoying every moment passing by. With my family, the Christmas eve is even more special because that's my dear husband's birthday. We especially celebrate it bigger. His birthday is just one day before Our Christ's birthday (how special he is!)

         As our family tradition, we started to decorate for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving (you know we can't wait). We hang the lights outdoor and inside, put the tree up and decorated with some beautiful sparkle ornaments, picked up some pine cones from neighborhood (I hope they don't mind) and decorated the wreath, lighted some candles for the Christmas scent (which is North pole - how special it sounds), and finally turned on the radio for some Christmas Carol. I have enjoy all of those activities with my family and understand that God not only gives us his dear Son but also gives us a treasurable time to be together with family in the Christmas.

        And now it's time to say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU, my dear readers!

With Love,
Huong Tran

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

[loveit] Planing for the rest of the year

Yes, I am counting down to the Christmas day. I have to admit it because I am so excited when thinking about this holiday season.
It's just about a week, and the weather has changed so much. Last week, I still walked our boy around the neighborhood with just light cardigan. Yet this week, the temperature has dropped down surprisingly. There is still good thing about it. I feel the holiday really come.
I have checked my list. Many projects have been done for good. I may post it sometime after this holiday season, the busiest time of the year. In this post, I just want to write down my plan for the rest of this year, the holiday season. It will start from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Ohhhh I'm so excited about it. hah.

  1. Thanksgiving
    • Diner
      • Decor
      • Turkey
      • Sides
      • Desert
  2. Christmas
    • In Coming Baby
      • Handmade Doll
      • DIY (Video)
    • Little boy
      • Homemade Teepee
      • DIY tutorial 
    • Sister
      • ???
    • Hubby
      • ???
  3. Winter season
    • Flan Caramel 
      • Video tutorial
    • Face Scrub
      • Video tutorial
As you see in the plan above, there will be a baby coming on Christmas season (although she is not our baby physically, we love her as she is our little girl). We planning on giving her a special gift. So, I decided to make her something that she will grow old with, and it can't be anything else but little doll. I hope she will love the gift. Moreover, the Thanksgiving will be on next week, I start to get ready on the recipes, the decor,  and ingredients, especially thawing the turkey. Sorry all, I just can't wait.
How about you? Have you get ready for the holiday season coming up yet? 
Thank you for reading and see you on next post!
Have a wonderful holiday!
Huong Tran

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[loveit] Company Picnic - Having fun & growing together

         What if my son grow up and look back at those old pictures? What will he think? I read that we should not put those personal pictures up to the internet due to the risk in the future. Everyone has their own thinking, and they are all different. With me, those pictures are precious. I hope when our little man grow up and look back, he will be proud because he had a wonderful childhood with his little friends and family.

         Every time I look at his smiling face, I feel happy and warm inside of my heart . Those sweet smile even makes my heart skips a beat. I wonder why don't spread this happiness to people around me by sharing the picture of him smiling.

          Those pictures were taken when we had the company picnic on last weekend. We enjoyed the cool weather outside, the sunshine, the aroma from grass and the winter air, and of course the food and people.  I believe this is the time for bonding together. 

Hope you enjoy reading it.
Happy time everyone!
Huong Tran

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

[loveit] Ninja Turtle at the Pumpkin Patch

Halloween has gone away, but there is a lot of memory still staying. This year is the first year that our little boy was going to trick-or-treat. We, especially him, had a lot of fun. We went to the pumpkin patch, went to the church for trunk-or-treat, and trick-or-treat on the neighborhood.

Phew, our family has at least one picture together.

Did you notice our little boy Ninja Turtle costume? It's my handmade costume. Yes, h a n d m a d e (I'm so proud of it hih) I bought the sleepwear, cut, and sow felt piece together.

Here is the front
 and the back (with the backpack)

Finally, the bonus, the cuties

Batman: Peek-a-boo!
Now, we are getting ready for the Thanksgiving. How about you?
Hope you enjoy the holiday coming up!
Happy reading!
Huong Tran

Monday, October 27, 2014

[makeit] DIY - Carve and preserve Pumpkin - First DIY Video

Have you get ready for Halloween yet?
I bet you have!
It's about 3 more days until the scary yet fun day. I just finish filming and editing the video about how to carve and preserve the pumpkin. This is my first time doing the DIY video. There is still have a lot of thing I need to learn, but I what I got is too much of the goodness.
Talk about this halloween. This is the first time I prepared for the Halloween. I think it's all about our little boy. We want him to have a lot of fun on his Halloween. Last year, he was a baby and slept early, so we didn't have chance to go to the trick-or-treat. We promised we would have a fantastic time this year instead. I have made Halloween costume for him, carve the pumpkin, and take him to the festivals. We really enjoy together.
Say no more. This is the video. Please show some support by subscribing and liking the video then I have motivation for more DIY video.

This is the sneak peak for next post about fun time with family!

Thank you for your support and Happy Halloween!
Huong Tran

Monday, October 20, 2014

[loveit] Jujube picking - Fun time with family

          I have told you a while ago that we have come and picked some jujube. We did have a lot of fun since the weather was nice and still have some jujube left for us to pick (that time was the end of jujube season).

         My experience is picking those that have some brown (not all brown) which are really sweet and big enough (Those ones in the picture just look too beautiful but not that delicious. hih)
        While my husband picked jujube in the tree, some would dropped on the ground. Of course, our little boy loved to pick it up from there. hah.
Yet the little boy still loved to try on how to pick the jujube from the tree (with daddy's help)
 You can tell how excited he was 
 With little auntie. Love.
 After picking up the fruit, we have explored this little area and had some more fun. 

We love being together. 
Hope you enjoy and happy reading!
Huong Tran

P.s: As I promised in last post, I will post my finished drawstring backpacks. Here they are.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

[loveit] still blooming

Autumn is here
Finally here
Weeks before last week was just a fail alarm of you, Ms. Autumn.
I'm glad you came and chilling out with us.
Because of you, there is still flower blooming somewhere. I can see blooming in my little garden or even in a sidewalk. That is just so cool (at least in my mind)
I can't keep myself from taking picture of those blooming flowers. Those pictures keep reminding me to Thank God for the wonder he has created.
So, let the showcase of those blooming flower begins.

Blooming rose in my little garden (taken in a rainy and windy day)
A surprise gift from God (grown in sidewalk of the library)
Hope you enjoy it and happy blooming day!
Huong Tran

P.s: I just finished my sewing project for my little sisters. I will post it on next week blog. Thank you!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

[makeit] DIY- Drawstring Backpack

I have many projects need to be done soon (some before winter, some before beginning of next month) All of those projects are the gift that I always think about for my beloved ones. I hope they will love it as I do put all my love into it.
This drawstring backpack is a very simple one. The only thing I need is time to finish it. I have made two of them and still have three to go. This backpack is a very simple but nice and neat for your little love to carry along.
Thank purl bee  for the very detail post on how to make it. Thank Hancock for the beautiful fabric. Thank my little sister for being my model.
And this is my own backpack.

This version is a Large Size for Adult 

Hope you like it and have time to make it!
Happy Sewing!
Huong Tran

Saturday, September 27, 2014

[loveit] Houston Zoo - Time with new friends.

          Fall is here, finally here. The weather is too nice that everyday I just wanna wake up to do my things. I do not want to miss any second of this fall. What do you do on this chill and nice fall?
          Our family had a lot of fun visiting the zoo and picking the jujube (asian fruit). We did enjoy going outside pretty much (it's even better with the fall weather right now) We took a lot of pictures. Yet I don't want to sink my blog with those pictures, so I will post some significant ones.
          This time only the pictures in the zoo, the jujube trip will be posted next time. This is our little boy's first time in the zoo. He has made a lot of new friends. And he was too excited about it.

We just arrived after 30 minutes driving. This is how our little boy looked like after arrival. 

I feel like I'm almost back to the before-pregnant size, but still some more pounds to go (the little sissy looks so tall to me hah)

This pictures was overexposed, so I decided to make it to BW picture.hih

 This is how our little boy excited when seeing a big fish (I guess this is how they make friends)

Same way with Armadillo - Texas State symbol (state mammal - small)

He thought this little boy can understand him. 

Daddy shows him the elephants.

Love this picture from daddy and son. 

You can tell how excited he was when he could meet and make new friends.

The way he talked, reacted, and treasure his friends makes us so proud of him. This little human really knows how to connect with animals.

We so enjoy the trip. I hope you enjoy watching it too!
Happy weekend!
Huong Tran