Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[loveit] Company Picnic - Having fun & growing together

         What if my son grow up and look back at those old pictures? What will he think? I read that we should not put those personal pictures up to the internet due to the risk in the future. Everyone has their own thinking, and they are all different. With me, those pictures are precious. I hope when our little man grow up and look back, he will be proud because he had a wonderful childhood with his little friends and family.

         Every time I look at his smiling face, I feel happy and warm inside of my heart . Those sweet smile even makes my heart skips a beat. I wonder why don't spread this happiness to people around me by sharing the picture of him smiling.

          Those pictures were taken when we had the company picnic on last weekend. We enjoyed the cool weather outside, the sunshine, the aroma from grass and the winter air, and of course the food and people.  I believe this is the time for bonding together. 

Hope you enjoy reading it.
Happy time everyone!
Huong Tran

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