Saturday, September 27, 2014

[loveit] Houston Zoo - Time with new friends.

          Fall is here, finally here. The weather is too nice that everyday I just wanna wake up to do my things. I do not want to miss any second of this fall. What do you do on this chill and nice fall?
          Our family had a lot of fun visiting the zoo and picking the jujube (asian fruit). We did enjoy going outside pretty much (it's even better with the fall weather right now) We took a lot of pictures. Yet I don't want to sink my blog with those pictures, so I will post some significant ones.
          This time only the pictures in the zoo, the jujube trip will be posted next time. This is our little boy's first time in the zoo. He has made a lot of new friends. And he was too excited about it.

We just arrived after 30 minutes driving. This is how our little boy looked like after arrival. 

I feel like I'm almost back to the before-pregnant size, but still some more pounds to go (the little sissy looks so tall to me hah)

This pictures was overexposed, so I decided to make it to BW picture.hih

 This is how our little boy excited when seeing a big fish (I guess this is how they make friends)

Same way with Armadillo - Texas State symbol (state mammal - small)

He thought this little boy can understand him. 

Daddy shows him the elephants.

Love this picture from daddy and son. 

You can tell how excited he was when he could meet and make new friends.

The way he talked, reacted, and treasure his friends makes us so proud of him. This little human really knows how to connect with animals.

We so enjoy the trip. I hope you enjoy watching it too!
Happy weekend!
Huong Tran

Monday, September 22, 2014

[makeit] DIY- Knitting Beanie - Toddler version

Winter is cominggggggg
Yes, that's true, that is so true!
I can feel the autumn right now. A little of chill in the air, a little of rain, a little of sunshine, a little of love. Those little things make autumn in my heart. That feeling seems to push me to prepare for the winter which I don't want it come that fast. I just want to enjoy the autumn for longer.
Yet I still know what our little boy will need for his winter. A warm hug, a warm kiss, a cup of a not-so-hot cocoa, and a warm beanie.

And he wonders what he can ask for more. 

Thank redheart for the very detailed tutorial. I just need about 2 hours to finish it. I chose the grey and white colors to make it matching with the outfit. Just love it. Very simple, very easy, and very cute!

Hope you enjoy it and happy knitting!
Huong Tran

Note - A picture for pinterest

Sunday, September 14, 2014

[makeit] DIY - Edible Moon Sand - Baby safety version

         Playing with sand or messy stuff is one of my baby favorite things. He loves exploring the world. He loves messy stuff (he even loves to mess things up more.hah.)

         I usually search for DIY games that my baby can play at home (inside or outside). The edible play dough and moon sand really catch my eyes. Yet my boy seems to prefer messy thing more, so I decided to make moon sand first and play dough later on.

Edible Moon Sand - Baby Safety Version

8 cups.............. All-purpose flour
1 cup............... Oil
Food coloring (optional)

Make the Moon Sand
Mix 8 cups of flour with 1 cup of oil. Use hand to mix it up well. 
If it crumbles too easily, add more oil.
If it is too sticky, add more flour. 

Optional: Add food coloring to the oil, mix well. Then adding the colored oil to the flour and mix it for different color moon sand. 

You can tell he has so much fun with his papa. 

Enjoy and Happy Monday!
Huong Tran

Monday, September 8, 2014

[loveit] Mid-Autumn Festival

          This is the second Mid-Autumn Festival with our little boy. Last time we didn't have much time to prepare anything (we were too busy as first time parents.hi). We promised with him that we will have a special festival this year.

         This festival is a special festival celebrated at the 15th of August in Lunar Calendar. In my country, we enjoy this festival by eating mooncake, playing lantern (the kids love this), and watch beautiful full-moon and Qilin dance (aka Lion dance).

         And this year, with a lot of effort, we brings Lion costume from Vietnam and some mooncake mold to make the mooncake. Besides, my sister's friend and my brother-in-law family gifted our little boy the paper lanterns, so he can get to know more about this festival.

         This is how father and son do the Lion dance together. hah

With the paper lantern

Finally, last but not least, Mooncake - the Bake Mooncakes and Snowskin Mooncakes.

We have a very awesome Festival together. We hope you enjoy reading it!
Huong Tran