Friday, April 18, 2014

About Me

Something unique about ME
- My name is Huong Tran (A Vietnamese name)
- I was born and raised in small beautiful town in Vietnam. After high school, I started my college life studying in Mt. Carmel, IL. Then I moved to Houston, Texas where I met and married the man of my dream. He is super supportive for anything that I love to do. Last year, I first time became a mommy of a little boy named "Tun".
-My parents have 5 daughters and I am the oldest.
- Inspiration: My man, my little man, and my little sisters are my inspiration for all the things that I am doing and love to do.
- Love: baking, cooking, sewing, making beauty products, and DIYs projects.
- Special hobbies: dancing in the rain, having fun with family, and collecting tiny little cuties

Something unique about my blog
- 4 main topic:
+ loveit : talk about life, love, family.
+ makeit : some DIYs project, some cooking&baking, some crafting.
+ knowit : FYI
+ sellit : this will be announced when available.

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