Monday, June 30, 2014

[makeit] Toddler snack - Gummy yummy bears

Good evening friends and mamas,
I hope you all enjoy the summer as we do. Yes, we (including our little boy) enjoy the summer so much. You can tell when you see those little human so excited for the water and just don't want to get out of it.
Recently, we come to the pool few times a week, so I have to prepare some snack for the after-pool stomach. I went around with Mrs. Google for homemade snack for toddlers, and the very interest and easy idea has caught me was Homemade Gummy Bear from Diynatural (I have changed a little for my family taste). The recipe from Diynatural doesn't include any chemical, just fruit juice and gelatin (some honey adds to your taste). That's what we love about homemade. Right?
I will post the recipe and include some of my step-by-step pictures.
Here you go!

Homemade Orange Gummy Bear

1 cup ........................ fresh squeeze orange juice
1 tbsp ....................... lemon or lime juice
1 tbsp ....................... honey
3 tbsp (30grams)....... unflavored gelatin

Cutters ....................... I bought mine in Hobby Lobby at the Clay section

Make Gummy Bears:
Combine all ingredients except gelatin in a small saucepan over medium-low heat. Stir with a whisk

Gradually whisk gelatin into the mixture, stirring constantly (Avoid dumping gelatin into pan all at once, which will cause big globs of gelatin to remain in finished product)

Continue heating over medium-low heat until all ingredients are well combined and gelatin is completely melted (the mixture will change from a grainy, jelly-like consistency to a more glassy, smooth consistency when gelatin is all melted.)
Turn off the heat and pour the mixture to the 9 inch square baking pan. 

Place the pan in freezer for about 20-30 minutes.
Take out the pan and use the cutter to cut the gummy bear. 

Store in an airtight container. They will keep in refrigerator for a few weeks. 

And you can tell how much our little boy loves those little gummy yummy bears.

Hope you enjoy it as we do!
Happy Cooking.

Huong Tran

Monday, June 23, 2014

[loveit] What's for this week?

Dear Bloggie, 
You have been my habit for awhile. Every Monday, I think about you, I want you always be fresh and full of love. You share with me a lot of things, especially my personal things. I feel passion every time I start to type, I mean blogging. ha.

Dear blogger, my dears, my friends, 
This week, I want to write about essential oil which I start to enjoy mixing and matching everyday for a week or so. Yet I still learn about it. I promise I will share it someday (when I get to know it more). 
You will wonder what about this week? What new about this blog?
Oh, don't look for more. And ta-da, take a look around at the face of my Bloggie! As you can see, I have changed the color theme, the title, the font which are summery (don't they?) I hope the summer spirit will keep this blog fresh and hot. hi. 

Last but not least, Enjoy your summer!

Huong Tran

Monday, June 16, 2014

[loveit] Father's day Weekend

To the world, you are just a Father
To our family, you are the World
Thank you for being our big man!
I hope you had a memorable first father's day.

On the weekend, we enjoyed the weather in the park and had good laugh. 

I helped my little boy preparing a father's day gift for his big man. 
As I posted last week, this mug was baked in oven at 375F for 20 minutes. Now, he can't wash it. hah.

and a surprised gift

More special, on father's day, we let the Father make the dinner. Because

I'm sure these quesadillas are super super yummy
You can tell!

Finally, I would like to promote a Pa to a big PaPa who makes our kids feel they are even more special.
We all LOVE you, dad! (a 3 generations picture)

How about your father's day? Did you make gift or help your kids make gift for daddy?

Happy new week!
Huong Tran

Monday, June 9, 2014

[loveit] Father's Day gift idea for ALL

Daddy and son's selfie

I feel saturated with the "Father's day gift idea" title on those days. I saw it everywhere in Facebook and my emailbox. The good side is that I can gather tons of gift ideas for my big hero aka daddy and my little man's hero aka my hubby. hah. The not so good side is I keep thinking about the idea for the today's post. I want to write something for the very important men in my world but not so boring.

I kept going around to decide what I will make for them in this father's day. I want to make it memorable for my hubby because this is his first father's day with our little boy, cu Tũn. And I will show you what I and my little boy will make for him in the post next week.

Now, these are the very interest ideas that catch my attention.

1) For baby & toddler
*Material: rock, weather resistant spray or acrylic craft paint, small paintbrush.
 This super easy one that you can help your little one to make for his hero.
Just spray your little one foot and press on top of the stone. Then, paint it with whatever you want to. 

2) For kid 
*Material: Money
Tutorial at howdoesshe 
This is fun and creative way to surprise your dad. You can give him a little cute note inside.

3) For teenager
*Material: Ceramic mug, permanent marker, oven (preheat 350f)

 With a little creative and little skill, you can have very special handmade gift for your dad. 
This video will show you very detailed how to make it.

4) For the busy lady always beside that hero (That must be you!)
*Material: Note
I like the idea of howdoesshe of giving him a gift that actually for you.
Give him a little note to let him know how much you appreciate the hard work he has done for your family. 

Hope you all can choose the good one for your dad or the superhero of the family.
Happy Monday!
Huong Tran

Monday, June 2, 2014

[makeit] Flan caramel - something creamy, smooth, and melted in your mouth.

I have tried so many recipes and finally I found one that fits the most for my family. Moreover, it just takes up to 15 minutes to make and about 15 minutes to steam.
I have used this recipe for many times. I thought I should share this recipe. This flan caramel just melted immediately in your mouth with creamy touch. I hope you can get the same one and enjoy it too.

Flan Caramel
for 6 small jars

3 ...................................egg yolks
1 ...................................egg
250ml ...........................milk
70g ...............................sugar

1/2tsp............................lemon/lime juice

Make caramel:
Put sugar and water in a saucepan, place in medium heat and cook sugar to melt. Turn down the heat to low and stir evenly until it becomes golden brown. Turn off the heat and put lemon/lime juice into the saucepan and stir. Pour the caramel to the jars quickly (don't need to spread the caramel. When you steam it, it will melt and spread itself evenly)

Make the curated:
Heat the milk in microwave for 2 minutes.
In the mean time, whisk gently the egg, egg yolks, and sugar together.
Pour the hot milk slowly to the egg mixture and continue to whisk the mixture. Try not to create air bubble.
Pour the mixture to the jar.
Steam it in medium low heat for about 15 minutes or until the center of the jar get firm or until the toothpick insert into the center come out clean.
Refrigerate until cold as you wish.
Serve better with glass of tea, enjoy!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Huong Tran