Monday, June 9, 2014

[loveit] Father's Day gift idea for ALL

Daddy and son's selfie

I feel saturated with the "Father's day gift idea" title on those days. I saw it everywhere in Facebook and my emailbox. The good side is that I can gather tons of gift ideas for my big hero aka daddy and my little man's hero aka my hubby. hah. The not so good side is I keep thinking about the idea for the today's post. I want to write something for the very important men in my world but not so boring.

I kept going around to decide what I will make for them in this father's day. I want to make it memorable for my hubby because this is his first father's day with our little boy, cu Tũn. And I will show you what I and my little boy will make for him in the post next week.

Now, these are the very interest ideas that catch my attention.

1) For baby & toddler
*Material: rock, weather resistant spray or acrylic craft paint, small paintbrush.
 This super easy one that you can help your little one to make for his hero.
Just spray your little one foot and press on top of the stone. Then, paint it with whatever you want to. 

2) For kid 
*Material: Money
Tutorial at howdoesshe 
This is fun and creative way to surprise your dad. You can give him a little cute note inside.

3) For teenager
*Material: Ceramic mug, permanent marker, oven (preheat 350f)

 With a little creative and little skill, you can have very special handmade gift for your dad. 
This video will show you very detailed how to make it.

4) For the busy lady always beside that hero (That must be you!)
*Material: Note
I like the idea of howdoesshe of giving him a gift that actually for you.
Give him a little note to let him know how much you appreciate the hard work he has done for your family. 

Hope you all can choose the good one for your dad or the superhero of the family.
Happy Monday!
Huong Tran

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