Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[loveit] Independent Day Weekend - Get away with CAMPING - Family Time

My friends were asking me why we are always too busy on the weekend. With my family, that is the important time to connect family members together. That is the precious time for us to understand each others and has more chemical actions to love each others more and more.
So why not having more fun and loving more?

On Independent Day Weekend ( I guess it was a long time ago because I'm too slow on updating the blog), it was the first time our little boy go camping. Usually we have a lot of activities outside, but we still sleep at home at night. This time is a little bit different (still just one night outside). We went camping in a state park, having some BBQ, enjoying the night outside (excited yet a bit hot), waking up early, and walking around our mother nature.

Our little boy was too excited that he kept bouncing inside the tent, had fun himself, and went to sleep around 3 o'clock.

New friend from Mother Nature
Enjoy being outside

Playing with bubbles (O.o)
Sanitizing himself haha

We have had a lot of fun for the first time camping overnight. And yes, we are planning for another one soon.

How about you? Do you plan to go camping soon?

Enjoy and have a great day!

Huong Tran

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

[loveit] Little Sister's Wedding

We just visited Vietnam for 2 weeks and came back. The reason for the trip to Vietnam is attending my little sister's wedding. We were so pleasure to be the persons who decorate her wedding gallery table. Of course, there would be flower for the table from the venue. Yet we still want to have a small touch from ourselves to give new couple a small gift on their special day.

And one more thing I was glad that I have done for them is the "Set the Date" announcement that they have posted in their Facebook.

We were so proud to be a part of their happiness. 
And finally, the NEWLY WEBS......... 


Huong Tran