Wednesday, April 15, 2015

[loveit] Strawberry picking - Bonding time with BFF

It's Strawberry Picking time again. We have been so excited about it. This is the second time that our little boy come to pick strawberry his own. This time is even more special with his BFF picking up with him.

If you read my blog for awhile sure know this little girl, Zoe.

Our little boy is too happy to show Zoe about the strawberry patch and the ripe strawberry. They have a very good time for bonding together. This moment will be the memorial moment for them both. 

And of course, they have a good time picking up the strawberry too. 

And here is the picture of last year strawberry picking. The boy seemed too happy with his red ripe juicy strawberry. hah. 

Happy reading Thursday!
Huong Tran

Monday, April 6, 2015

[loveit] Tun's Mom Baking Corner is full of your support

Small compliment for supporting my baking corner

I have been missing for awhile. Since the time I started Tun's Mom Baking Corner, I have been too busy and feel grateful for all of your support. Everyday, the only time I can come to my baking corner  is the time after my little boy fell asleep. That is why I treasure those time so much. And of course, I have received a lot of love from you, my dearest customers, and the biggest love, my little boy.

You can tell how good of this cupcake =)
Again, Thank you for your support. I will try my best to make more of those sweetie and better ones too. 

Besides this business, I still have you support me and this blog. I will keep this blog updated frequently.

Have a happy reading!
Huong Tran