Saturday, August 30, 2014

[loveit] Cu Tun & his new friends

           Since our little boy was born, we haven't gone anywhere without daddy. It may be because of transportation or just the feeling going without him is kind of missing. Yet sometime I think my little boy should go out then he can meet other babies, can make friends, and can learn from this big world.

           A month ago, we bought a new car. Since then, we, our boy and I, started to go out few days in weeks. We went to library for his books, shopping for household, and met his new little buddy, Zoe.

           About Zoe, she is a sweet little girl (as sweet as her name), 6 months younger than our boy. Sometime, her mommy calls her "The Fierce" in the funny meaning. hah. We had a lot of fun and so in love with her. There will be more chances for them to meet and have fun together. I promise!

Bonus the new car picture. hi.

Enjoy reading and happy Labor Day Weekend!
Huong Tran

Sunday, August 24, 2014

[makeit] Back-to-school project - Felt Pencil Case

        This year back-to-school is very special with our family because it's the first time we (I and my hubby) take someone back to school instead of us going back to school. That is my little sister who study abroad from Vietnam.
        We, as not-going-to-school ones, even feel the excitement. Of course, I think of something that can support our little one (she is 17 but she is still little in our eyes) I finally continue using felt that was brought from Vietnam by my dad and my sister to make her a little pencil case ( I did sew one for her before but she just wants to keep it as newest as possible, so she doesn't want to use it)

This is the pattern of the little bear with brown ears

And this is the case in different angles

Hope my sister and others can enjoy the school time.
Happy Back-to-School!
Huong Tran

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[makeit] Felt DIY - Little Elephant

What do you feel when you read a craft book and see a very easy but cute DIY project?
I feel like I need to do it right away. Yet I need a reason for it (I just need a reason then I can do everything). There are tons of them popped up. Of course, giving it as a gift for someone I love is the most reasonable one. So, I decided to gift it to my little sisters. I know they will love it. I mean really love it. hah (who doesn't love this cutie?)
When making it, I took some pictures in case I may do it again in the future for my other beloved ones and for you making it for the same reason.
Here is the steps.
1) Cut 2 the elephant bodies, ears, and the ones put on the top (which I don't know how to call it).
 2) Sew the tops and the ears to the bodies as following picture.
 3) Sew the eyes. Then it's time to stuff the little elephant.
 4) I have been done and compare to the original one in the book (the blurred one on the top)

Hope you like this little felt DIY project.

Happy stuffing and sewing!
Huong Tran

Sunday, August 10, 2014

[loveit] Grandpa with us

There are fathers do not love their children; there is no grandpa who does not adore his grandson - Victor Hugo

My dad, aka grandpa, is best grandpa that our kids can wish for. 

Grandpa just adores his little man as much as he can because there is short time for them, about 20 days. 

Of course, as some kids, our little man knows the truth and get advantage of it. He just wants grandpa hold him all day or take him to somewhere out of the house. 

Every time they cuddle each other, that moment melts my heart and their hearts too. 

One special thing about this time grandpa coming is his birthday. That is our pleasure to have him in the house at his special day. It has been 8 years I didn't celebrate his birthday with him. And this time is more special because we have the baby celebrate with us. I can see the happiness in his eyes. 

We wish you, our little son's dearest grandpa, a good health and happiness so we can have more and more time celebrate your birthday together. 

Thank you for your love to us. 

Just LOVE you as always.