Saturday, August 30, 2014

[loveit] Cu Tun & his new friends

           Since our little boy was born, we haven't gone anywhere without daddy. It may be because of transportation or just the feeling going without him is kind of missing. Yet sometime I think my little boy should go out then he can meet other babies, can make friends, and can learn from this big world.

           A month ago, we bought a new car. Since then, we, our boy and I, started to go out few days in weeks. We went to library for his books, shopping for household, and met his new little buddy, Zoe.

           About Zoe, she is a sweet little girl (as sweet as her name), 6 months younger than our boy. Sometime, her mommy calls her "The Fierce" in the funny meaning. hah. We had a lot of fun and so in love with her. There will be more chances for them to meet and have fun together. I promise!

Bonus the new car picture. hi.

Enjoy reading and happy Labor Day Weekend!
Huong Tran

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