Sunday, August 10, 2014

[loveit] Grandpa with us

There are fathers do not love their children; there is no grandpa who does not adore his grandson - Victor Hugo

My dad, aka grandpa, is best grandpa that our kids can wish for. 

Grandpa just adores his little man as much as he can because there is short time for them, about 20 days. 

Of course, as some kids, our little man knows the truth and get advantage of it. He just wants grandpa hold him all day or take him to somewhere out of the house. 

Every time they cuddle each other, that moment melts my heart and their hearts too. 

One special thing about this time grandpa coming is his birthday. That is our pleasure to have him in the house at his special day. It has been 8 years I didn't celebrate his birthday with him. And this time is more special because we have the baby celebrate with us. I can see the happiness in his eyes. 

We wish you, our little son's dearest grandpa, a good health and happiness so we can have more and more time celebrate your birthday together. 

Thank you for your love to us. 

Just LOVE you as always.

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