Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[makeit] Felt DIY - Little Elephant

What do you feel when you read a craft book and see a very easy but cute DIY project?
I feel like I need to do it right away. Yet I need a reason for it (I just need a reason then I can do everything). There are tons of them popped up. Of course, giving it as a gift for someone I love is the most reasonable one. So, I decided to gift it to my little sisters. I know they will love it. I mean really love it. hah (who doesn't love this cutie?)
When making it, I took some pictures in case I may do it again in the future for my other beloved ones and for you making it for the same reason.
Here is the steps.
1) Cut 2 the elephant bodies, ears, and the ones put on the top (which I don't know how to call it).
 2) Sew the tops and the ears to the bodies as following picture.
 3) Sew the eyes. Then it's time to stuff the little elephant.
 4) I have been done and compare to the original one in the book (the blurred one on the top)

Hope you like this little felt DIY project.

Happy stuffing and sewing!
Huong Tran

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