Sunday, August 24, 2014

[makeit] Back-to-school project - Felt Pencil Case

        This year back-to-school is very special with our family because it's the first time we (I and my hubby) take someone back to school instead of us going back to school. That is my little sister who study abroad from Vietnam.
        We, as not-going-to-school ones, even feel the excitement. Of course, I think of something that can support our little one (she is 17 but she is still little in our eyes) I finally continue using felt that was brought from Vietnam by my dad and my sister to make her a little pencil case ( I did sew one for her before but she just wants to keep it as newest as possible, so she doesn't want to use it)

This is the pattern of the little bear with brown ears

And this is the case in different angles

Hope my sister and others can enjoy the school time.
Happy Back-to-School!
Huong Tran

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