Monday, September 8, 2014

[loveit] Mid-Autumn Festival

          This is the second Mid-Autumn Festival with our little boy. Last time we didn't have much time to prepare anything (we were too busy as first time parents.hi). We promised with him that we will have a special festival this year.

         This festival is a special festival celebrated at the 15th of August in Lunar Calendar. In my country, we enjoy this festival by eating mooncake, playing lantern (the kids love this), and watch beautiful full-moon and Qilin dance (aka Lion dance).

         And this year, with a lot of effort, we brings Lion costume from Vietnam and some mooncake mold to make the mooncake. Besides, my sister's friend and my brother-in-law family gifted our little boy the paper lanterns, so he can get to know more about this festival.

         This is how father and son do the Lion dance together. hah

With the paper lantern

Finally, last but not least, Mooncake - the Bake Mooncakes and Snowskin Mooncakes.

We have a very awesome Festival together. We hope you enjoy reading it!
Huong Tran

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