Monday, September 22, 2014

[makeit] DIY- Knitting Beanie - Toddler version

Winter is cominggggggg
Yes, that's true, that is so true!
I can feel the autumn right now. A little of chill in the air, a little of rain, a little of sunshine, a little of love. Those little things make autumn in my heart. That feeling seems to push me to prepare for the winter which I don't want it come that fast. I just want to enjoy the autumn for longer.
Yet I still know what our little boy will need for his winter. A warm hug, a warm kiss, a cup of a not-so-hot cocoa, and a warm beanie.

And he wonders what he can ask for more. 

Thank redheart for the very detailed tutorial. I just need about 2 hours to finish it. I chose the grey and white colors to make it matching with the outfit. Just love it. Very simple, very easy, and very cute!

Hope you enjoy it and happy knitting!
Huong Tran

Note - A picture for pinterest

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