Sunday, October 5, 2014

[makeit] DIY- Drawstring Backpack

I have many projects need to be done soon (some before winter, some before beginning of next month) All of those projects are the gift that I always think about for my beloved ones. I hope they will love it as I do put all my love into it.
This drawstring backpack is a very simple one. The only thing I need is time to finish it. I have made two of them and still have three to go. This backpack is a very simple but nice and neat for your little love to carry along.
Thank purl bee  for the very detail post on how to make it. Thank Hancock for the beautiful fabric. Thank my little sister for being my model.
And this is my own backpack.

This version is a Large Size for Adult 

Hope you like it and have time to make it!
Happy Sewing!
Huong Tran


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  2. Like mạnh lun cH ơi!!! :) :) :) hóng hóng, tháng 10 rồi đó cH, bao giờ cho tới tháng 11 <3 <3 <3