Monday, October 20, 2014

[loveit] Jujube picking - Fun time with family

          I have told you a while ago that we have come and picked some jujube. We did have a lot of fun since the weather was nice and still have some jujube left for us to pick (that time was the end of jujube season).

         My experience is picking those that have some brown (not all brown) which are really sweet and big enough (Those ones in the picture just look too beautiful but not that delicious. hih)
        While my husband picked jujube in the tree, some would dropped on the ground. Of course, our little boy loved to pick it up from there. hah.
Yet the little boy still loved to try on how to pick the jujube from the tree (with daddy's help)
 You can tell how excited he was 
 With little auntie. Love.
 After picking up the fruit, we have explored this little area and had some more fun. 

We love being together. 
Hope you enjoy and happy reading!
Huong Tran

P.s: As I promised in last post, I will post my finished drawstring backpacks. Here they are.

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