Thursday, May 7, 2015

[loveit] Our little boy 2nd birthday - 1 year Blog Anniversary

Wow, time flies so fast (I guess not only me say this!) It has been more than 2 years since the day we knew him existed. And just this period last year, we celebrated this little boy's 1st birthday and I started the blog. It's just like wow, wow, wow. hih.

In 1 year, he has grown up and learned a lot of new things. He learned to run, learned to use the silverware, learned to speak (he is now a pro in alphabet reading haha), learned to adapt to the world outside there, and learned to express his love even more. This little people again is AMAZING. He knows how to melt my little heart just by smiling at me or simply use his chubby little hands to touch my face or cuddle me softly. I think he was born just to make people around him happy and even happier.

How happy of this little boy!

Of course, due to the love for him, we want to make his 2nd birthday is remarkable birthday again. This year, we chose BAYMAX in Big Hero 6 as the theme because he just loves this white marshmallow robot too much (that he keeps watching the movie over and over again).

Baymax luff

Enough talk, let me show you the pictures that we took prior and during his birthday party. Hope you enjoy. Cheer!
With daddy at Houston Children Museum

Hugging the lovely Cow from Chick-fil-A

Party with cousin (We can't keep them stand still to take the pictures haha)

Lot of Lufffffff and kisssssssss

As some requests, I post more details about the party cooperate with the theme below. I designed and made it all by myself. Hope you like it and have fun!

The Banner

Handmade Gumball Machine & Marshmallow Baymax

Birthday Cake (TUN HERO ---- 2)

Fruit punch in the Makeover Starbuck Glass Bottle

Handmade Photo Props

Homemade Cresent Roll & Cupcakes

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