Wednesday, February 4, 2015

[loveit] The 21 months Active Boy - who can't stay still

The weather has changed so much on last few weeks. Sometime we wake up with a very shiny day, but others day are too gloomy. 

Our little boy is the only one in the house who doesn't care about the weather, how hot or how cold out there. He just wants to get outside and play. 

He is 21 months, and in this age he needs to play, to run, and to laugh out loud to burn his energy, then he could go to bed and sleep peacefully. And after wake up, he would be the happiest boy in the world ( he loves it so much).

We, as the parents, wants he grow up happily, so we started not to care much about the weather. We care what can make our little boy growing and learning happily and safely. 

How about your children? Do they love to play outside too?
Let me know =)

Happy Parenting!
Huong Tran

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