Friday, January 9, 2015

[makeit] DIY - Facial Scrub for dry skin

Well well are you cold?
I guess yes (who doesn't hah) and of course your skin is cold too!
And it needs a special treatment when it gets cold, dry, and light-peel. When it comes to the face, the facial treatment even more special. That is the reason for facial scrub. We should not make it becoming our lifestyle, but we still need to use when needed.

Nowadays, there are tons of products in the market about beauty treatment. Yet most them contains too much chemical which we are not sure how it affect to our beauty and health on the future. That is the reason organic and homemade become trendy. I know homemade things can not be tested but at least we know what we put in there. Of course, I recommend you try a small amount of scrub to your hand first to make sure you are not getting any bad reaction.

About this DIY tutorial, I use very simple ingredients which are coconut oil, brown sugar, and honey. Those ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen yet very useful. I have use this scrub since summer, still use it, and will continue to use it twice a week to get a bright and smooth skin. Which can beat the smooth skin in this winter? I guess nothing.

Let's try it and be beautiful in this super cold weather.

Happy beautiful!

Huong Tran

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