Monday, May 26, 2014

[loveit] Gardening with summer started

Live in harmony with nature, the mother nature.

Texas starts getting hot on these days. Yet our garden is still full of lives here and there. In front yard, we have birds coming for food and entertaining us with their beautiful voice.

In backyard, we have prepared for our cuties their little house that they can come and stay with us.

Sometimes, we meet some little friends that are so adorable. I just want to play with them, and of course our little boy loves them too. Yes, this little lady bug is the one. Is she cute?

And this year, we planted some korean melon seed. The seeds 've sprouted

Our garden can't be completed without the flowers. They give us their beautiful appearance and their fragrance as their sweet gift.

Last but not least, we live with mother nature and enjoy our lives with her. Just love her.
This picture was taken in a Sunday morning with wonderful weather outside. We thought why didn't we just got out and enjoy the lunch. I felt completely Awesome! 

Hope you enjoy the mother nature too.

Happy gardening, everyone!
Huong Tran 

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