Monday, May 19, 2014

[knowit] Health & Beauty with Vitamins - what they do and where you can find them

There are tons of website talk about vitamins, how important they are, what they can do for your health, your beauty, and where you can find them and get the most out of them. 
Today, I just want a quick talk about 5 best vitamins for beautiful SKIN 
-Vitamin A for wrinkles - Best overall age-fighter
-Vitamin B3 for redness - Boosts hydration to reduce redness
-Vitamin E for moisture - Eases dryness and bolsters skin's UV defense
-Vitamin C for spots - All-around anti-ager
-Vitamin K for dark circles - For younger, brighter eyes
And where you can find them? Just take a look at the interested picture below for more information. 

Hope you can find helpful information in this post.

Happy Tuesday!

Huong Tran

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