Monday, May 5, 2014

[makeit] Sewing - Baby series - Hooded Baby Towel

My little baby,
My big inspiration.

Have you ever seen somethings and thought that would be nice if you could do it yourself?

When I knew that I was having a baby, I started to shop around for baby products. As many of you, I had the same feeling when seeing the baby stuff. I thought those are cutest stuff in the world. And at the same time, I had other thoughts, guess what? Why didn't I make it myself? My baby could feel love when using his mom handmade things. I thought that would be very nice.
Then I headed to Fabric store (I usually go to Hancock Fabric) to choose the fabric and material. Of course, I bought more than I needed (just in case I may make something else for baby later). ha.
In stead of search baby products, I searched on DIYs projects, and there were tons popped up. I couldn't wait so long to start.
First project was Hooded Baby Towel that I followed purl bee tutorial with all the material that I bought from Hancock fabric.

The feeling of holding your baby in a towel that I made it myself is so beautiful? I just love it every time my little boy finished bath time and was covered by this towel. He was looked too cute with it. [oops, I didn't take any picture of him with this towel.]

Have you tried to make thing yourself? Did you love it? Tell me in the comment.

Happy sewing!

-Huong Tran

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