Monday, May 12, 2014

[makeit] Sewing - Baby series - Wearable Blanket for Baby

In the Fall 3 year ago, I made 2 wearable blanket for me and my hubby from fleece fabric. Those two are so useful that we can use in any occasion such as playing game, watching tv, reading books, etc.
Those snuggies wearable blanket are so convenient that I thought I should made one for my baby. Of course, you can buy it in the store (you know me, I like to save some extra money and make it myself to put some extra love in it)

After made this, I thought this was so cute, warm, and soft (because it's fleece). My baby was born at the beginning of summer, so I had to wait until winter to fit him in. And yes, my little man loved it. That is all I need.

You can find the tutorial in makeit-loveit

Would you love to make one for your loved one?

Thank you and Happy Sewing!

-Huong Tran

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